Colour Coating Protection


Water Resistant Colour Coating

 Si-Flex exterior wall paint is an eco-friendly, water-based two coat system that gives a smooth, decorative, flexible and protective finish, which is not only durable and waterproof but is also water vapour permeable, giving treated surfaces protection from carbonisation and corrosion.Si-Flex uses the latest in energy saving technology, featuring ceramic microspheres which will improve the insulation of treated walls. The microporous technology allows Si-Flex treated surfaces to be elastic and act as a buffer to wind driven rain, allowing moisture trapped in the wall to escape, without any loss of adhesion. 

Preparation and Application

 Si-Flex is suitable to use on a variety of external substrates including brick-work, cement and rendering. It can be applied easily by brush, roller or spray on clean and dry surfaces, which are free from contamination. Algal or fungal deposits should be removed by power washing and then treated with SCL Fungicidal Wash. It is important that damp or wet walls should not be coated and any broken rainwater downspouts, guttering and coping stones should be repaired before proceeding. Surfaces must be free from dirt, oil, dust, chalk and friable material. However, soundly adhering render with a friable surface should be pre-treated with SCL Stabilising Primer and cracks filled with an approved sealant. 

Colour Range

 Colours available from stock include Cream, Orchid, Oyster, Magnolia, Oakland, New Stone, White, Manor Oak, Dove Grey, Summer Rose and Summer Red. Colour samples are available upon request. 


 Suitable for painting both new and already painted exterior surfaces including brick, masonry, concrete, asbestos, cement and rendering. The special formulation of the product makes it particularly suitable for use on all cementitious and lime or gypsum-based surfaces. When cured, Si-Flex provides a decorative, flexible, long-lasting and protective finish against environmental aggression and sunlight. It helps to repel water but at the same time remains permeable to vapour allowing the substrate to breath. For over a decade Si-Flex has provided long-term protection and decoration to buildings and its elastomeric properties give excellent resistance to subsequent cracks in the substrate.